alternate quoins of dunstone and red sandstone, and is carved with rams' heads, a mode of decoration much practised by Norman builders. Peter and comprises chancel, nave opening into north aisle beneath three obtuse arches supported upon clustered pillars of late Perpendicular date, and into a south transept under what is generally known as a " horse shoe arch a south porch, and a handsome octagonal tower. Macbeth, the chief thane, and nearly allied to the Crown, not content with curbing the King's authority, carried his ambition still further he put his Sovereign to death ; chased Malcolm Kenmore, his son and heu-, into England, and usurped the crown. 'After his return from Ireland, vhere he had distin- guished himself as a volunteer under Walter Devereux, Earl of Essex, he was introduced to the Queen by Sir Christopher Hatton, and, with her Majesty's consent 1 Moore, vol. He appears to have employed high pressure steam upon water contained in close vessels, and was thus enabled to force water to considerable elevations. These pictures are all on separate canvasses and the figures are represented with the hair low on the forehead, and hanging in full and thick clusters on the neck. She was first married to Robert de Aubrincis, or Avarinches, by whom she had a daughter called Ha wise, and two others, afterwards nuns, which last were twins. The lower part of the ancient village cross, needed some attention when I visited the parish which, it has T hope, since received. In the year 1588 the Crescent, of Dartmouth, is stated " to have been in fight with the Spanish Ainnada off the Start." At this period the Dartmouth bui'gesses appear to have followed a course which they had been previously obliged to adopt, and. Pole, who absolutely contradicts the Monkish Chronicle and makes Maud the daughter, not wife of Rol)ert D'Avarinches ; and Hawise therefore his grand-daughter. William Gee " Mmister of Walkhamp- ton was a party to the first trvist, dated 9th September, 1719 : and the Rev. (Elford 2 and 3 Arg., 3 stirrups with leathers,.

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1539, between Richard Mayhow, jun., gentleman, and William Sachefeld alias Sachevyle, " concerning a endroit pour sexe a dijon elizabethtown kitley tenement in Pottiscombe, in the parish of Lamerton." He may have been a descendant of the old county family of the same name which became extinct, in the elder line. Sidwell's Exeter, the annual jirofits to be disposed in apprenticing to some honest trade or employment a child horn and residing in the parish. It is utterly unlike any screen work I have ever seen, but has all the appearance of old wainscot. Father many years after it had been aHenated from him by force of arms. 357 nient of her reign. He was succeeded in his estates and title by his eldest son. The ribs of the oak roof all slope inwards towai'ds the sanctuary, and the windows on the north side are late Per3endicular. Brooke was appointed Governor and Commander-in-Chief, and was made a parish OF sheepstor. Stone (the then Vicar) 25, and the Trustees of the Charity School a like amount.

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In front of the lych gate is a very ancient oak tradi- tionally reputed in this county to be thirteen hundred years old. Pietatis ei-go posuit hoc Johannes filius. "." " Hie jacet Johannes KeUond de Painsford Armiger nuper vice comes hujus comitatus Devonice Regis pro pace, qui obiit sexto die Junii. Of WiUiam Woollcombe, of Pilton, and whose armorial ensigns were distinguished by a crescent. Uinio, Ibi suht xxvii burgenscs intra burgum et xli extra. 1S7 we read that the rectorial tithes amounted to 8 a year in 1535, and that they had been leased for a term of years to Henry Langifford. His only son, Francis, second Lord Russell, of Thornhaugh, upon the death of his cousin Edward, Earl of Bedford, succeeded to the title and estates of the elder branch of his family as fourth Earl, 3rd May, 1627. He was created a Bai-t. In an u-regular room, twenty feet in height, there is a large and lofty transom-window, which contains above 3,500 panes of glass. The elder line of the Bullers became extinct by the parish. The base is octagonal and very massive, but I could not perceive any signs remaining of the shaft. He had become possessed of Cothele in or about the year 1353 by his marriage with Hilaria, daughter of Wilham, and sister and heir of Ralph de Cothele. In 1695 the Duke was enabled to arrange a marriage between his said grandson, Wriothesley, and Elizabeth, daughter and heii' of John Rowland, of Strethara, Esq., and upon this occasion Wriothesley Russell was raised to the peerage by the title of Baron Howland, of Stretham. An Index to tlie two volumes, ;in(l tlic! He was succeeded in his title and estates by Sir Massey Lopes,.P., the present respected Baronet of Maristow.

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